Teaching and learning has busted out from the four walls of the classroom to a world which can be accessed from almost anywhere and anytime. Students no longer rely solely on the teacher in front of them and the Encyclopedia Britannica to provide answers to their worldly questions, instead they can simply ‘google’ the answer, speak to an ‘expert’ anywhere in the globe or virtually visit almost any location. So how as educators do we tailor our classrooms to foster this digital world? One of the tools I use in my classroom are wikispaces. This collaborative, easy-to-use tool has transformed my year 5 class over the past year.

In this session I am going to share how we (both students and staff) use wikispaces as our online learning space. We will look at how this tool is used both within the classroom and beyond with teachers, parents, other schools, the wider community and people around the world.

We will look at:

- How wikispaces can be used in the classroom as a collaborative tool for both students and teachers

- How to set up class pages/ student pages (we will look into 2 different ways students can have spaces)

- Web tools 2.0, sites and e-learning tools that we have found useful with our wiki’s

- Using wikispaces for your planning