There are also several features within Wikispaces which are great within the classroom:

Comment 1com.png

The feature lets you comment on work within the wiki.
How I use this feature
- Offer feedback/ feedforward on their work
- Students also leave comments for each other. We have discussed what makes a valuable comment. Students need to become members of each other wiki's to enable this feature - at first I was hesitant on allowing them access to editing each others work, however we have discussed this and I can see what edits have been far so good!

Monitoring Students

Monitoring students work is important to check their usage, monitor their content and give them an audience. I have set each wiki to email me any changes. This sounds like a lot of changes, but I have organised my emails so I have these going to a separate inbox which I can check when I am ready.
How I Monitor Students Weekly
- check wiki emails
- I choose an area within the wiki each week e.g. Writing. I then go through each students wiki and leave a comment. This ensures I am looking at their wiki each week and it is not as huge a task as checking the whole wiki. I also have a sticky note open and write down any notes I need to discuss with students.


Tags allow you to group pages/ files together and easily find them.

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Whenever you have a particular assignment or activity, you can create a project for it, then define teams of members, each with its own unique pages, files, and permissions. Team content (that is, pages and files) are grouped together, separate from the main area of the wiki. That way, students in teams can do their group work completely independently from other teams.