Find the picture you want and save it to your desktop (check copyright)

Go back to the page you want to put the picture on

Click on edit

Put the cursor where you want the picture to be

Click File Screen_shot_2011-11-09_at_7.59.46_PM.png

Click on upload file Screen_shot_2011-11-09_at_8.02.35_PM.png

Find the picture you want and select it then click open

Once it has uploaded the file it will show in a list

Click on the picture you want and it will be put on your page

To change the size, etc of the video, click on the video (in the edit mode) and use this menu:


Remember to Save your page often!!

Note: If once you have saved your picture you see a caption below (this happens if you drag an image from another wiki), right-click on the image and you will see a menu appear and press the remove button to get delete this caption.