Getting the Video

Find the video you want to use (make sure you watch the whole video to check it is appropriate), have it ready on another tab
Click the share buttonShare_Button.png
Click the embed buttonEmbed_Button.png

Copy and paste (apple Command_Button.pngc) the code

Embeding the Video

Once you have the code for your video, go back into the page you want to put the video
Click on edit
Put the cursor where you want the video to do
Click widgetWidget_Button.png

Click the place you got your video (e.g. youtube)
Paste the code you got for your video by pressing apple Command_Button.png V
Then save

You will need to save in the edit mode to be able to view it

To change the size, etc of the video, click on the video (in the edit mode) and use this menu:


And presto...your video is there!