Pinehill School Room 14 My class wiki in 2012 with year 5 students

Pinehill School Rm 19 - Year 3 Wiki

Pinehill School Rm 11 - Year 2 Wiki

Kids with a view Great example of a year 2 class wiki

Hop2Wilson A collaborative 2nd Grade wikispace. Students share this space and classroom resources are posted here for students.

Mr M's 4th Grade Class This is a general Class 4th Grade Wikispace. It has some great example of rules and widgets you can use.

Go West Created by third graders during a unit study of pioneers and the westward expansion.

Holes Created for year 8 students studying the novel 'Holes'.

Thousands Project Interesting idea for a wiki...check it out.

Webster Class Wiki 2nd & 3rd Graders class wikispace

The Class Without Walls