Glossary of Wiki Terms

a username and password that let you participate in the site as a whole — and a prerequisite for membership in any individual wiki

Account name
see username

Actions menu
the section of the side bar that includes the New Page, Recent Changes, Manage Wiki and Search options, plus the Make a New Wiki and Site Administration links in a Private Label site

an element that you place in a page that makes it possible to link directly to that part of the page

a small graphic that you can put on other Web sites to advertise your wiki

Content Area
the part of your wiki page that is controlled by the Edit button

This provides a snapshot of all the wiki's you belong to.

Editor Toolbar
The graphic list of your options when you're editing a page with the visual editor

To place a piece of media or code into a wiki page

Anyone who is not logged in

K–12 Wiki
A free, ad-free wiki available to educators, exclusively for use in primary and secondary education

Only editable by an organizer of the current wiki

The graphic at the top left of the page; wikis begin with the default bonsai graphic, but that can be replaced with any graphic you choose

Anyone who has been granted permission to join to a particular wiki (must already be an active user)

The permission to participate in an individual wiki

My Wikis
A list of all the wikis of which you are a member

Navigation Bar
(nav bar) The section of the side bar that provides the navigation for your wiki

The person (or people) who handles the administrative functions of a wiki

What you can see in a single browser window (plus scrolling up, down, or sideways) without following any links

Page Name
The title you set for a single page in a wiki

The settings that determine who can see and edit your wiki

Only visible and editable to logged-in members of the wiki

Private Label Site
A collection of wikis that share common rules of oversight and draw from a common user database

Visible to anyone, but only editable to logged-in members of the wiki

Visible and editable to anyone

Recycle Bin
A tool that lets wiki organizers restore pages that were deleted from the wiki

The section of your theme that houses the Actions menu and the nav bar

Site Administrator
The person (or people) who manages the global settings and functions of a Private Label site

A label you can attach to a page or file to make it easier to track and manage

A special kind of wiki page that you can use a foundation to create new pages with the same content

everything on the page outside the content area — that is, everything that stays the same when you’ve edited a page, and as you move from page to page within your wiki

Anyone who has an active account on Wikispaces or, in the case of Wikispaces Private Label, on the Private Label site

User Creator
A tool that makes it easy to create user accounts in bulk (available to site admins on a Private Label site and organizers of K–12 wikis)

Your unique account identifier on or your Private Label site; a username must be unique, 3–32 characters long, and contain only letters, numbers, hyphens, periods, and underscores

Anyone who comes to a wiki, regardless of user status

A piece of media (like a video, a calendar, or dozens of other media types) that can be embedded into a wiki page

A group of individual pages united by a single look and feel, sharing the same files and members, and built around a single common purpose (e.g., all the pages being used by one classroom)

Wiki Name
The name that appears in the header of your wiki (unless your wiki uses a custom logo)