Information from Wiki Help

Introduction to Wikispaces

Get up and running with your wikispace.

Personalising Your Wiki

Personalise how your wiki looks and feels with themes and colours.

Adding Pictures and Files

Upload pictures and files ready to share with your audience.

Media and Widgets

Take advantage of all kinds of widgets and media (calendars, games....) and embed them into your wiki.

Wiki Permissions

Control who has access and who see's your wiki.

Invite Members to your Wiki

See how to invite people to see your wiki.

Use the Bulk User Creator Tool

Add students in one go (with or without email addresses).


Link to external websites, pages within your wiki and pages on other wikispaces.

Adding Videos

Make your wiki's more engaging with videos from places such as youtube, your computer, anywhere on the internet!

Navigation Bar

Customise your navigation bar (menu of pages).